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Swipe through headline company news, upcoming events, shoutouts, & key announcements while sipping on your morning coffee.


A bird's eye view summary of the organization, at your fingertips, at all times, posted as-it-happens.

See the Big Picture. Uncluttered.

Virtual all hands

Modeled around presenters going live on stage during a real world All Hands. No channel-noise from chatty colleagues. Comment threads stay collapsed out of view. No scrolling out of view or mid-air collisions from back to back announcements.

Direct line to your team

With controlled pushed notifications to the mobile app, decoupled from social networks & real-time messaging, the company has a direct line to its employees.

The Deck

Modern Asynchronous All Hands

Create virtual presentations easy

Share short audio, video and screen recordings right from your browser. Upload decks. 

Control who can post where

At the heart of the product are groups with controls built for structured corporate communications. The group owner controls who is allowed to post announcements to the group's members. This keeps the deck clear of spurious posts. All the comments, likes, hearts and claps stay nicely organized inside the posted announcements.

Democratized but structured

From a sales leader posting to the entire company, to a senior designer posting to her global peers across the organization, to a local remote office - groups can be created across the length and breath of the company. The key is - the communications stay big-picture and the group admins moderate who gets to post announcements. 

(Cross) Post to whoever you see fit

Presenters pick one or more groups or individuals to post the update to. Want to post to your group, but CC your manager and a few others? No problem. Recipients never see duplicates - so cross posting is encouraged for visibility.

Single source of truth

Exactly one place to see the view across all updates. Updates can be published at individual, team, department or company level, but these are compiled into a single customized flow for each employee. Simply open the app, and swipe through the updates. React and comment along the way. 

Infinite chronicle of key moments

Each group remembers posts from its inception. A powerful way to keep a summary log of the company across various levels in the form of headline snapshots.

Amazing onboarding experience

Newly hired or promoted? You can catch-up on headline updates to your newly assigned groups without having to wade through thousands of messages across dozens of channels. 

Search & hashtags

Instantly search for past posts by keyword, author, time and group. Hashtags like #sales or #launch further enhance the search experience by allowing anyone to quickly filter the view with tags. Show me all the updates from engineering. What has the CEO posted recently. And so on. 

Constantly learning

The cover flow is intended to begin as a chronologically ordered set of updates. However, over time, it will adapt to find the balance between what the company wants the employee to see and the updates the employee usually follows. Like a real-world assistant would, even if you usually follow design and marketing updates, the algorithms will surface key updates from other departments into your flow to ensure minimal osmosis. 

Powerful Analytics

Group admins and Posters are given summary analytics on how information is flowing. Who has not yet seen your critical update? What fraction of your members are up to date? How is the team engagement tracking over time. 

Control engagement

Posting a sensitive message? Want to disable comments? Hide reactions? The post author can pick a rich set of controls on how the audience can engage with the post. 

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